Today, we’re going live with our new and improved website for The Studio Workspaces. I’m really excited to announce this new milestone as our new website will have many new features and additional information for members and prospective members alike. Some of the new features we’re adding include a list of locations and the ability to switch between locations for information, a complete listing of all of our membership options by location, views of all our meeting rooms with details and pricing for booking, an all-new events calendar with detailed information for all events. These new features will make our new website more member friendly and help showcase all that we have to offer. To learn a little more read on for additional details about each.


Studio Workspaces now has two locations in Roseville, CA to serve our members. Our first and original location opened on Vernon Street in Downtown Roseville on January 1, 2019 with a grand opening on March 27, 2019. Our second and newest location at Creekside Roseville opened on January 1, 2020 and with more than double the space and 4x as many offices we needed a new website to showcase and highlight all that we now have to offer members.


From our all-new memberships page you’ll be able to see all our membership offerings to include; Coworking, Private Offices, and Day Passes. Now, our Coworking memberships include an all-new offering, the All Access Membership. Now that we have two locations this is a great option for the member who wants to hop back and forth between both locations. The All-Access membership provides Coworking access to both locations for one low price. In addition to the All-Access membership, we still feature our Mailbox membership, the very popular Flex Desk Unlimited membership, and our Dedicated Desk option for more-term space options. Be sure to check out our Private Office options and our Day Pass options as well. We now have more offices available and we have added two new Day Pass options to our already popular Coworking Day Pass. Our new Day Pass options include the Day Desk, a dedicated desk for the day, and the Day Office, a private office for the day. Both of the new options including our ever-popular Day Pass provide ultimate flexibility for members just wanting to drop in as needed and reserve the spaces they need for one day at a time. Be sure to check out all our membership options by location for availability and pricing.

Meeting Rooms

One of the most frequent inquiries we get are for Meeting Room spaces. Now, anyone can view the meeting rooms we have available and what’s included in rental for each as well as pricing. With two great locations, we now have 8 great meeting rooms available for use ranging in size from the 1 person Day Office to the 50 person Community Room at Downtown Roseville. These meeting rooms can be booked for meetings, conferences, meetups, presentations, interviews, mergers & acquisition talks, lunch and learn workshops, and much more. Our new website now provides all the information you’ll need to host your next meeting or event and divides the rooms by location and provides easy to see pricing. Of course, don’t forget that each membership includes an allocation of meeting room time included, another great benefit of becoming a regular member of Studio Workspaces.


Last but not least we have built a new event calendar into the new website to easily showcase all the upcoming and past events happening at Studio Workspaces. Events are the heartbeat of our workspaces and we want you to easily find, register, and attend our events. On our new homepage we’re featuring the next 3 upcoming events you may want to attend with easy to view information on the date, time, and location of each event with a bit of a teaser info to draw your interest. Click on the event itself and you’ll be taken to an all-new event detail page with all the information about the event to allow you to decide if you’d like to register and attend. These new event pages include an event title, a photo, a description of the event, and again the date, time, location, and price of the event ticket. Also included is an easy to click the event registration button. Click that button and you’ll easily be taken to the custom registration page for you to register and get email reminders when the event draws near.

The new website includes these new features and so much more. We’ll keep you updated in future news posts about other great benefits of the all new Studio Workspaces website. Don’t wait, Book a Tour or Get Started today.