If you consistently cowork or run your business from a coworking space, then you likely know the benefits: flexibility, convenience, cost savings, etc. We digress! When you have a “virtual” office, it includes a lot of the same things as the traditional office like a physical business address, call answering, mail open and scan, and other services. Plus, you don’t have to give your private home address to clients anymore, talk about awkward. We created this virtual office offerings guide to help you find the right membership for you.

Mailbox Member

The Mailbox Member is Studio Workspaces starting point for virtual office offerings. As a basic mail service, it includes 50 incoming mail items per month as well as 5 items to open and scan with a starting price of $50/month or lower for yearly billing. This virtual membership also includes a 1 Day Access Pass and 2 hours of conference room access monthly. Most importantly, it’s so much more professional to not use your home address, and second, your personal mailbox will stop overflowing with business materials — finally! Each of our four Roseville area locations offers a virtual office.

Virtual Office

The Virtual Office membership is ideal if you still want mail service but need a bit more access to meeting rooms. This membership includes a whopping 250 mail items per month and 10 open and scan items for $75/month or lower for yearly billing. This next step is also suitable if you need more coworking access since the conference room and Day Pass Access doubles — you can officially stop holding professional meetings at coffee shops! Plus, all virtual office memberships include a 20% discount for Day Pass Access if you need to add an hour here or there.

Virtual Office Plus

If both of these options don’t cut it, the Virtual Office Plus includes 500 mail items and 25 open and scan items per month. Four days of Day Pass Access and 8 hours of conference room access each month are included starting at $100/month or lower for yearly billing. If a business has this much incoming mail, it needs its own space (can you imagine dealing with this amount of mail at your private residence?). Renting a virtual office is significantly cheaper than renting a traditional office.

Additional Services

But what if you want more? That’s where the additional services come into play. Although you can easily add services like additional mail items, scans, shredding, or letter forwarding, our clients get most excited about the virtual telephone options.

  • Virtual Telephone: For $15/month, Studio Workspaces offers virtual telephone services. Customers call this number and the call is routed back to any phone line of your choosing. If you conduct a lot of business outside of the Sacramento area, this technology helps to provide a local feel without requiring an office.
  • Live Answering Service: An optional add-on from $99/month, this service acts as your on-hand receptionist to offer more support and improve the customer experience. Plus, that monthly fee is considerably lower than the salary you would pay a receptionist.

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