These days the workplace is all about flexibility. Think flexible office design, flex spaces, specialized schedules, remote work opportunities, and now, flex desks. What makes them so special? For one, they’re adjustable. You can stand while working, and in theory, it improves productivity and longevity. Below, we break it down.

Productivity drops the longer you sit

At one time, long days at the office meant a whole lot of sitting. That’s not necessarily true anymore — you can be laser-focused without sitting. We can tell you all we want that sitting isn’t good for you, but let’s get to the science. There are three huge benefits to standing at your desk according to Professor and Scientist, Greg Wells. You think clearer, learn faster and are more creative. And when running a startup or new business venture, you need all three of those!

In fact, just ask successful entrepreneur, Joseph Ciccolo, founder of BitAML and ComplyFit. The adjustable desks are one of his favorite features at The Studio locations.

An adjustable desk is an opportunity for movement

Flex desks improve productivity because they allow for movement. In a 2015 study, researchers found that sitting sedentary is highly associated with negative health outcomes, like hospitalization, regardless of physical exercise. Movement improves nearly everything you need to be effective in your profession: cognitive speed and attention span to name a few. And that’s one major benefit of our shared office spaces in Roseville and Rocklin. Here are a few other ways to keep it moving during your workday:

  • Take breaks when you hit that productivity wall (it won’t kill you to take a 30-minute lunch break!).
  • Interact with others. If you know that you have a long workday ahead, consider a coworking Day Pass or monthly membership. Coworking spaces create more opportunities to move and interact with shared areas like communal spaces and the kitchen. You’ll feel 10x better and ready to get back to work.
  • Schedule when you will sit and stand. For example, make it a rule that you stand during every Zoom call, or use an app to alert that you’ve been sitting too long.

We know that flex desks are an investment, which is why Studio Workspaces offers them in our Roseville area coworking spaces. Book a tour today to see our flexible seating options.