Studio Workspaces Member Profile Series introduces various members of The Studio, giving us a better understanding of Roseville area businesses and why they choose to cowork. In a world of ever-evolving cryptocurrency regulations, BitAML and ComplyFit stand on top. Meet their founder, Joseph Ciccolo, cryptocurrency compliance expert who makes the crypto world feel much more familiar than it does foreign. Better known as Joe, he operates both companies out of the city of Roseville and coworks at Studio Workspaces Creekside Roseville location.

BitAML is laser-focused on crypto

Founded in 2015, Joe started BitAML as a new cryptocurrency compliance advisory firm. BitAML advises crypto-financial institutions on regulatory matters for clients such as bitcoin ATM operators to banks innovating with crypto and even policymakers. For the average Joe, crypto and bitcoin might be distant terms that we overhear on the news. But for Joe and his team at BitAML, their cryptocurrency expertise is crucial since compliance evolves quickly. But what makes this consulting firm stand out?

“Unlike other consulting firms, we are 100% focused on cryptocurrency. It allows us to be deep-dive subject matter experts and thrive around uniqueness. The compliance evolves by the minute, so it’s a distinct advantage in terms of accumulated knowledge and the time that we get up to speed for things that are relevant to clients.”

ComplyFit offers a solution to challenging state regulations

After he spent a decade in traditional bank compliance for large financial institutions, it makes sense that Joe would be the one to come up with major industry solutions. And that’s just what he did with ComplyFit. When the team realized the challenges behind state-by-state licensing for crypto exchanges, they created a tool in ComplyFit that streamlines the licensing process.

“State licensing requirements are different across states just like anything else, and it’s a clunky process managed either internally by a large team of lawyers or outsourced to a legal firm. The process isn’t really clear unless you’re on that team of lawyers. ComplyFit brought transparency to maintain those licenses by having a clear list of requirements and compliance tasks, links to forms, and other monitoring tools.”

ComplyFit streamlines the process, but it also prevents crypto institutions from vulnerable positions like missing an important filing deadline.

Why coworking?

When it comes down to why he coworks, there are many reasons.

“I  like being around other like-minded, forward-looking innovators. The collaborative setting. The price that comes along with having my own office allows me to be laser-focused on serving clients, but it’s great for networking and meeting other folks doing some extraordinary work. The private office allows for in-depth and sensitive conversations with clients, but I can simply open the door and be in an environment with other like-minded professionals. Two completely different environments.”

Joe also mentions the social aspect of a coworking space. Let’s be honest, it can get lonely working from home. But get this — Joe also met his developer on the first critical components of ComplyFit in a coworking space. Access to the talent pool is a major benefit of a shared office space.

Why Studio Workspaces?

Joe is a coworking veteran, but what draws him to Studio Workspaces? As a Roseville coworking space, Joe appreciates its amenities and furnished office space.

“The modern furnishings and adjustable height desk are two of my favorites. It’s very comfortable yet minimalist. Not a lot of distractions, amenities are many and The Studio makes things comfortable and conducive to a professional work environment. But there are no distractions like bean bags or lava lamps.”

We can guarantee there will be no lava lamps at any of our shared office spaces in Roseville or Rocklin. That is a promise!

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