Coworking spaces are special — professionals who cowork experience boosts in productivity, happiness, and networking opportunities. But who works in coworking spaces? It’s easy to assume that start-ups fuel these spaces, but you’d be surprised. According to DeskMag’s 2019 Global Coworking Survey, members range from freelancers, entrepreneurs, employees, students, and more. Below, we dive into who works in coworking spaces. Keep reading to see who you could be working alongside.

Freelancers are the largest majority of coworkers

Freelancers have dominated the demographics for years, which makes sense considering the networking opportunities that come with a shared workspace. But freelancers aren’t the only ones present as employers and employees of both small and large companies also use shared spaces frequently. Could it be any more convenient to work in the same space as potential clients?

Nearly every profession is represented in coworking spaces

What industries use coworking spaces? We see everyone from tech to start-ups, consultants, and more. DeskMag’s survey backs this up as it finds that IT and marketing/sales make up the bulk of member industries, but design, accounting, management, education, and more are accounted for. The diversity is one of the many benefits of coworking spaces (have you ever seen an accountant work next to an artist?). Professionals interact with people from outside their company and industry, which leads to more opportunities and eventsto grow both your skillset and network.

The student population is growing

The most common member is between 30 and 34 years old. However, students are coworking now more than ever. With online courses becoming the norm, we see students utilize shared office space more frequently. It’s much easier to focus in a professional work environment than at home. Plus, with any Studio Workspaces Membership, members receive the fastest wi-fi available, office supplies, high-speed printers, and free printing among other amenities. And who can forget about the complimentary coffee?

Women make up 51% of coworking force in 2019

Both men and women utilize coworking spaces at an equal rate for the first time in history. Even back in 2012, women only made up 33% of members, a small percentage compared to today. Regardless of your coworking location, there is an equal representation of male and female professionals.

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