There’s one category of professionals you will always find in a coworking space: freelancers. In fact, the 2017 Global Coworking Survey found just under 40% of coworking space professionals are freelancers. What gives? Well, if you’re a professional freelancer, listen up, because below we explain why freelancers use coworking spaces more than any other professional status.

Unique membership options provide flexibility

Taking that leap to join the world of freelance is risky — the memory of a consistent paycheck goes out the window. Monthly pay relies on how much time you want to put into finding clients and accomplishing projects. Luckily, coworking spaces have plenty of membership options that operate on a daily and monthly basis. If you know it’s going to be a slow month, adjust your membership and grab a couple Day Passes for a shared or dedicated desk space. Doesn’t it seem like coworking was made for freelancers?

Coworking spaces host several events and networking opportunities

If you’re new to freelancing, one of the most challenging aspects is finding clients. Rather than applying for dozens of LinkedIn opportunities, walk into a coworking space near you to see the unique makeup. Not only do professionals of all industries and business sizes work side-by-side, but the coworking space likely hosts events on a regular basis. These spaces act as a natural networking event for its members (it’s networking made easy).

You’re better at your job in a shared workspace

Here’s a simple reason why we see freelancers use coworking spaces so often: they make you better at your job. Your work-from-home situation is one of two scenarios. You work in an office space isolated and only interact when you run to the nearest Starbucks. Or, you’re incredibly distracted by things at home like the television, chores, family members, and honestly, that comfy couch in your living room. Coworking spaces boost morale by promoting interaction and collaboration, but they also improve productivity and hold you accountable. Rather than plopping on the couch, you’re near other professionals who also need to get the job done.

There are opportunities to grow professionalism

Not only does a coworking space force you to put on appropriate clothes and out of your stay-at-home attire, but the business growth is huge for freelancers. In addition to benefits like complimentary coffee, access to the Internet, and high-speed printers, your professionalism goes through the roof by coworking. Memberships also include the ability to rent meeting rooms, a dedicated desk, day offices, and more. Use a meeting room that comes turnkey and furnished, and you’ll be surprised at the client’s response to a professional space vs. your local coffee shop.

If you think coworking could benefit your freelance business, take a look at nearby spaces. Book a tour to view any of our four office spaces in Roseville and Rocklin.