Studio Workspaces Member Profile Series introduces various members of Studio Workspaces, giving us a better understanding of Roseville area businesses and why they choose to cowork.

Meet Jesse Garcia

Most real estate professionals jumped ship during the 2008 financial crisis. But Jesse Garcia, CEO and Founder of Zipi, ran towards the fire. In a gutsy move, he left his reliable income in law enforcement to be a full-time realtor. The uncertainty of a 100% commission-only job is enough to scare away most people, but it eventually paid off for Jesse. He saw a need to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and better manage data in the real estate industry — that’s how Zipi came to fruition.

Forward-thinking back-office management and accounting platform for real estate brokerages

We have access to an enormous amount of data now-a-days (don’t think about the YouTube rabbit hole you went down at lunch earlier). It’s an incredibly big job sorting through and organizing it all, and many real estate brokerages rely on back-office management tools from decades ago. Zipi software sifts through that data, and the goal, according to Jesse, is to simplify, streamline and hone in on the right deal of data. In fact, Zipi isn’t a concept that solves something new. It just does it better.

“People didn’t have a problem getting from A to B before Uber or Lyft. They didn’t solve a problem, they simplified a process. That’s what we’re doing in the back-office and accounting space. It’s not a problem doing the books or managing financials, but professionals want to do it faster and simpler. They want the data to be easily accessible, and they want bi-directional integrations with other platforms.”

Zipi improves the real estate process for brokers, agents and clients

Anyone who has ever gone through the home-buying process knows it’s not a simple one. It can be draining, confusing, and complicated for clients, especially first-time home buyers. One of Zipi’s major goals is to improve the real estate process for all parties involved.

“It’s a really big mission, but what that means is from broker to agent to home buyer or seller, those are people all of which typically have no clue what is going on in the process. There’s not great communication. We want to put in the broker, the agent and the client’s hands a complete synchronous communication across the board so that the home buyer knows what’s going on 24×7. Zipi wants to create an ecosystem of real estate technology to simplify and streamline the processes and workloads of everyone.”

Jesse plans to fulfill this goal in 2021 when he rolls out Zipi’s unique value-add transaction portal for clients. Through a simple app, the home buying and selling process is transparent and a whole lot less painful.

Zipi has a unique pricing model unlike other competitors

In addition to Zipi’s several other back-office improvements, its pricing model works for everyone. The commission calculating structure is flexible enough to manage a wide number of commission plans for brokerages. Not only does this allow brokerages of all sizes to utilize Zipi, but the pricing model charges per closed deal, not user. Who doesn’t like a results-driven tool?

Why coworking?

Coworking is a major part of Zipi’s business plan as its entire team works remotely. Why limit the talent pool to one city when you have the world? This business model is great for flexibility and work/life balance, but when COVID-19 wreaked havoc, working from home grew increasingly hard for remote workers, including Jesse.

“With COVID and homeschooling, I can’t get anything done at home. I saw the value in the coworking space as a way where I can go, I can concentrate, I can get things done… what would take me 6-8 hours at home, I can get it done in 4 hours.”

What makes the Roseville Studio Workspaces special?

Jesse coworks at the Creekside Roseville location, a shared office space in Roseville near the Westfield Galleria, restaurants and Hwy 65. As a first-time coworker, Jesse originally joined Creekside Roseville just to utilize the Virtual Membership that includes services like a physical address, mailbox services, open and scan, and more… all a huge value in Jesse’s eyes. However, once he saw the actual space in Roseville, it became a different thing for him. In fact, out of all Studio Workspaces services, he says that now he most frequently utilizes the open, shared coworking space.

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