A coworking space offers a furnished office with more flexible memberships and monthly arrangements than a traditional office. You can rent a monthly or hourly meeting space, desk or private office regardless of your industry or professional status. It all sounds like a dream, right? But how do you know if it’s for you, and should you use a coworking space? Answer yes to any of the questions below, and a coworking space could be hugely beneficial to your business or workload.

Do you need a work from home alternative?

Remote work is the norm these days, but what if working from home sounds like chaos? A coworking space offers the same ability to work remotely but in a more professional environment. It takes a special person to stay focused with Netflix, kids and endless distractions playing in the background. Plus, our Roseville coworking locations are open Monday through Friday from 6am until 6pm. However, many memberships include 24×7 access to the workspace to accommodate anyone’s schedule (including you, nightowls).

Are you looking to expand your network?

A unique aspect of a shared office space is the opportunity to network and learn skills. If you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer, a shared office space is ideal to meet other professionals, find clients and grow your network. However, this goes for business employees as well. You’re surrounded by experts in several industries, and coworking spaces often hold events that teach you new skills.

Do you need to cut down on office expenditures?

Office expenses can be a budget killer. And that’s without getting into the cost of your coffee habit. In a comparison of the traditional office vs. coworking space, renting a traditional office space actually costs more. And when you add in the cost to purchase office furniture, the cost of a traditional office is exponentially higher. Coworking spaces come professionally furnished ready for you to pop in and get to work. Plus, memberships include all utilities as well as blazing fast Internet, office supplies, high-speed printers, complimentary coffee, beverages, and more.

Do you work better in a community compared to isolation?

If you answered yes to this question, it’s a major sign you would benefit from coworking. When you work from home, it’s really a collaboration between you and your computer (not the most exciting duo). In a nearby coworking space, there’s a sense of community in working alongside like-minded individuals. And if you do like a bit of privacy, but still want the socialization, a private office is the right fit for you.

Does a bit of structure help to improve your productivity?

Coworking spaces provide more structure to your work schedule than other remote work alternatives. You head into a nearby coworking space and have a dedicated desk, private office or flex desk that establishes a routine. The professional environment encourages you to get work done as opposed to sleeping in or running errands when you really should be working.

Still wondering if you should use a coworking space? Take a tour of any of our Roseville coworking locations to see if you would benefit from a shared workspace.