Looking for a professional business address to use with your corporate filings, business license, tax notices, or agent for service? Having a professional business address which is separate from your home address not only presents a professional image for your business it also insulates you from more frequent changes of residence when moving or buying a new home.

Today, most coworking and shared office providers offer some form of a professional business address as an option for home-based and work from home (WFH) business people. Getting your business mail delivered to a commercial office with better security and professional mail handling can help avoid the dreaded problem of stolen or lost mail.

When is the best time to secure a professional business address? Now actually! Get an address for your business before filing any LLC or corporation paperwork, before securing a website, or ordering any business cards. Once you’ve secured a professional business address you can then easily file the paperwork needed, and get your website and business cards printed without the hassle of having to later change your address.

How to get started? Search Google for Virtual Office or Business Address or Virtual Mailbox and you should find many providers in your area. Price is important, however cheaper is not always better. Consider the address that will be used for your business. Is it in a nice area of town? Is it easy to remember? Does it provide confidence in the minds of your customers? Using a business address located in a strip mall or run down part of the city may cast an unfavorable image of your business and personal credibility. Think twice about going cheap on your business image and generating trust in your company from the start. Get a great professional business address right from the start and kick your business off in the best light.