In Money’s 2020 Best Places To Live, only one California city made the list. You guessed it: Roseville. But what makes living in Roseville so special? As Money’s 45th Best Place To Live, it’s the high salaries, retail locations with the Westfield Galleria and Fountains at Roseville, employment, and educational opportunities that make it one of a kind. Keep reading because we get into why living in Roseville is so special.

Regional shopping opportunities

According to Money, it labels Roseville as a regional retail destination. With retail locations like the Westfield Galleria at Roseville and Fountains at Roseville, the city has incredible retail locations only found in a handful of American cities. Thanks to Roseville’s affordability, its residents have more spending money allocated for retail shopping trips. On the flip side, these locations also contribute to a large number of retail jobs in the city.


Another reason that Roseville made it onto Money’s 2020 Best Places to Live in its housing affordability. The state of California is not known for affordability, but Roseville is about 10% lower in housing costs than the rest of the state. There’s also a high rate of homeowners compared to renters. With easy accessibility to business hubs like Silicon Valley, Roseville makes sense for working professionals to call home. We’ll take that cheaper cost of living and the high paycheck, thank you!

High-paying jobs

If there’s something people look for in the best places to live, it’s a well-paying job. The city of Roseville checks that one off the list thanks to its booming businesses. The presence of major companies in Roseville including Hewlett Packard, Oracle, and Kaiser Permanente contribute to these high salaries. However, this also contributes to the city’s large number of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and professional freelancers. In addition, the city hosts educational institutions including Brandman University and nearby Sierra College and William Jessup University, there’s a strong opportunity for career advancement.

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