Yosemite Room

8 - 10 people

$50/hr or $250/day
5 credits/hr
4 – 6 people

$15/hr or $75/day

3 credits/hr

A small meeting space to host your brainstorming session or interviews.

  • One-on-One Meetings
  • Interviews
  • Small work sessions
all access membership

Meeting Space Info


Creekside Roseville

101 Creekside Ridge Ct. Suite 210
Roseville, CA 95678

Meeting Hours

Monday - Friday | 6 am to 6 pm

What We Offer

1 GB fast WiFi internet

Audio/Video and Whiteboard

Complimentary coffee, tea, filtered water

Secure Access


Book by the hour or the day

Starts at $24/hr

Lobby Greeter

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to reserve the Yosemite Meeting Space.

1 – 6 people.


Yosemite is set up conference style with a table and 6 chairs. This space includes a large whiteboard and TV screen suitable for wireless screen sharing from a laptop.

There are no windows in the Yosemite Meeting Room. 

Guests will checkin with our Community Manager.


The meeting host must be present to receive their guests.

Credits are used to book meeting rooms. Typical meeting room credit usage is as follow:

  • Day Offices are 1 credit per hour
  • Small Meeting Rooms are 2 credits per hour
  • Medium Meeting Rooms are 3-4 credits per hour
  • Large Meeting Rooms are 5 credits per hour
  • Training/Event rooms are 8-10 credits per hour
Credits cost $8 each and are available at discounted rates (up to 50%) when you pre-purchase 5 credits or more.
One Credit 1 $8.00
5 Credit Block 5% 5 $38.00
10 Credit Block 10% 10 $72.00
15 Credit Block 15% 15 $102.00
20 Credit Block 20% 20 $128.00
25 Credit Block 25% 25 $150.00
50 Credit Block 50% 50 $200.00
Please contact the community manager if you want more information or have any additional questions.

Various sizes of meeting rooms are available to meet your needs. From our small meeting rooms, which seat up to 2-4 people, to our larger meeting rooms for 10+ people, to our training/event rooms, which seat 30+ and can be used as a classroom or for workshops and seminars.

High-speed WiFi, accessibility, coffee, tea, and bottled water, whiteboard, AV equipment, and digital display screens. Catering is also available upon request.

Meeting Room Info

Creekside Roseville

101 Creekside Ridge Ct. Suite 210
Roseville, CA 95678

Meeting Hours

Monday – Friday | 6 am to 6 pm

  • Lake Tahoe includes a whiteboard and a TV for audio/video to make your meeting run smoothly.
  • You can book the space by the hour or by the day.
  • You can depend on our on-site team to greet your guests and ensure your room is set up the way you want it.

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