Simply put, coworking is a shared workspace where professionals from any industry can work independently or together. A coworking space might look a lot like your employer’s traditional office with similar amenities like wi-fi, printers, meeting rooms, office supplies, and all that jazz. However, it’s better (do we sound biased?) thanks to the incredible amount of flexibility that comes with a shared office space. So, how does coworking work? We break it down for you below.

Why do people cowork?

Primarily, people cowork as a remote work alternative. When you finally realize that working from home while there’s a toddler on the loose isn’t cutting it, what are your options?

Memberships of all kinds exist to give remote workers that alternative to the home office or even a long commute. Rent a private office or desk in a shared workspace for the day or month depending on your needs. Here are a few different office setups:

  • A desk in the coworking lounge: You pop into the coworking space near you and grab an available shared desk that looks comfortable.
  • A dedicated desk in the coworking lounge: You head into the coworking space near you and grab the available desk reserved for your exclusive monthly use.
  • A private office: You travel to the coworking space near you and enjoy a private office (with a door!) for your personal use.
  • A meeting room: You need to meet with a prospective or regular client, but the local Starbucks is no longer an appropriate meeting place. You meet your client in one of the meeting rooms for rent that comes fully furnished with AV equipment and a whiteboard.

What are the benefits to coworking?

You get the same benefits of working from home like flexibility and the ability to set your own schedule. It can’t get more flexible than 24×7 access to the workspace. However, coworking also gives you a professional work environment that holds you accountable. In fact, professionals who cowork experience a boost in productivity. In addition, coworking is maybe the best place for business owners and freelancers to network. Just look to your left, and the web developer or SEO expert that you need to hire is sitting right there!

In addition, entrepreneurs and freelancers consider another animal: cost savings. When comparing a coworking space vs. traditional office, the former is more cost-effective. Coworking memberships include all utilities, office supplies, internet, printing services, furnished offices, kitchen space, and complimentary snacks and beverages — all of which you would purchase on your own dime for a traditional office space. Overhead costs are significantly less especially when you consider the cost it would take to furnish an office. If you’re wondering, Studio Workspaces offices and meeting rooms are entirely turnkey and professionally furnished (you’re welcome).

Virtual office offerings add a huge value to your business

Many coworking spaces offer technological benefits in virtual offices. In fact, Studio Workspaces offers virtual offices in each of our Roseville area locations because of their huge value. A virtual membership provides your business with a physical mailing address (time to retire your personal address). There are also additional services including virtual telephone and call answering services. It’s an added benefit if you need that local feel but don’t want to open another office space.

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